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Why Choose Us

As landowners, managers, and primary producers ourselves, we understand that feral pest management activities are only part of an often complex program of work to maximise the sustainable output of your farm, station, or industrial site.

We take the time to understand your long term economic, social, and environmental goals for the land you care for, and employ a range of techniques, the latest technologies, and systems to achieve your best outcome. 

The Biodiversity Stewardship Program & Emissions Reduction Fund

With our “Whole of Ecosystem” ethos, the AVert Services team are well versed in on-farm land management improvement practices, and how your feral animal control project could qualify for Biodiversity Certification and Australia Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs) through the Emissions Reduction Fund. ACCUs can be traded on the Biodiversity Trading Platform or open market, permitting the landowner to sell biodiversity services and carbon credits to buyers looking to offset their emissions.

The AVert Services team can advise you on how Biodiversity certification can help improve the profitability and value of your farm and businesses, including

  • supporting access to new markets,
  • increase borrowing capacity for further improvements,
  • creating price premiums for your produce,
  • lowering capital costs, and
  • giving you access to information techniques and services to improve your land management practices.

Using the government FullCAM model, we can help you calculate how much carbon will be sequestered from your carbon offsetting projects; and advise you on the specified land management practices, types of lands and projects that will qualify on either the Emissions Reduction Fund or the Biodiversity Stewardship Program and the reporting requirements on-farm and land outcomes for each project.

Having implemented similar projects on our own properties and countless client properties nationally, we can save you time and effort by targeting an approach that will fit best for you.

Indigenous Engagement and Land Management​

Avert Services is staffed by a team with unique skills sets that have grown and evolved over 30 years working with Indigenous groups providing pest management, community engagement and conservation land management training and development. AVert is excited to work with indigenous organisations, traditional owners, and communities to develop and deliver on ground and aerial integrated pest management projects that support conservation and indigenous practice to meet our clients’ needs and improve their lands’ environmental health.

Conservation and Environment

AVert Services provides new, effective, and humane tools and techniques for reducing populations of invasive pest species and monitoring biodiversity increase. Our staff have over 50 years in ecology, environmental services, and integrated pest control methods and practice experience. We will develop and deliver innovative management strategies applicable to environments ranging from metropolitan structures and landscapes, to stations, national parks, and public lands.

Pest animals threaten native flora and fauna, damage the environment, agriculture, and cultural heritage sites. AVert Services will provide strategic and holistic approaches to pest management, understanding the social, environmental, and economic damage caused by invasive species, and the benefits of sustainable management of natural resources to benefit the economy, the environment, human health, and amenity.


The AVert Services team have strong operational business management experience, developing business cases and budgets, and delivering on the scoped outcomes within agreed budget constraints.

We take the time to analyse the most cost-effective methods and applications to achieve your required outcomes on time and within budget. For complex properties and persistent feral pest populations compounded by porous boundaries, we have a Retained Services Model that ensures consistent ongoing protection. Under our Retained Services Contracts, the same AVert Services operators are assigned to your land or site, and get to know the property intimately, which is highly effective in the management of wild dogs, feral cats, and feral deer.


Safety, performance, and discretion are a priority for AVert Services team members in every project we undertake. When setting up your project, we work with you to determine your preferred methods of disposal and operating times to ensure the best environmental and social optics are maintained during the execution of your project. The AVert Services team understand that the protection of your Organisation or Department brand is just as important as the successful performance of the program.

Recent CSIRO research highlights that 1,257 of Australia’s threatened and endangered species are directly affected by:

invasive species
feral animals