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Feral Horses

Australia has an estimated 400,000 feral horses, and like donkeys, they cause erosion, spread weeds and compete for pasture with native animals and livestock.

They can quickly degrade areas close to remote waterholes and natural springs, which during a drought become refuges critical to the survival of many native animals and plants. Without these refuges, native plants and animals may become locally extinct. They also carry exotic diseases such as equine influenza and African horse sickness, and carry tick fever, which can infect domestic horses and cattle.

A shooting program, from the air in winter and ground in summer, is considered the most humane and effective approach to controlling these large invasive pests. The AVert Services team has extensive experience, as well as the tools, techniques and partner organisations to deliver the outcomes you are looking for.

Target Species

Read more about how AVert Services target feral animal populations impacting on Australia's diverse and unique native ecosystem.

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