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Primary Production

The 57 types of invasive feral pests in Australia cost Australian agriculture billions of dollars each year.

The impact of invasive vertebrate species is felt in a myriad of ways.  They consume crops, compete with livestock and native fauna for feed, contaminate crops and seeds, carry and spread disease, degrade our productive capacity, reduce the value of the natural environment, and often introduce multiple disease vectors causing health problems in livestock and even humans.

Whether you are a grazier, cropper or grow fruit and vegetables, invasive species on your land need to be managed, including native species, especially kangaroos. 

As graziers ourselves, we understand the value of physical barriers such as fencing and netting, and have used acoustic and visual deterrents as part of a holistic approach to vertebrate pest control.  However, these measures are often overcome or suffer from reduced effectiveness over time, and they require both substantial capital investment and maintenance.

AVert has invested heavily in training and technology that enable more direct measures, which remove the invasive species from your area of operations immediately, allowing you to increase your property’s productivity.  Whether ground or aerial shooting, mustering or trapping, AVert will remove feral and native species so that you can maximise the return on your investment and sleep at night!

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Primary Production

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