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About Us

Established in 2016, AVert Services provide tailored vertebrate pest management solutions to clients across Australia.

Our “Whole of Ecosystem” approach to your feral pest management or threatened species protection needs, means that we approach each project with a fresh set of eyes. We always looking for the best economic, environmental, and/or social results we can help you achieve for your property.

Whether you are a Landowner, Government Land Custodian, Miner or Industrial Facilities Manager, you have access to a team of professionals with over 60 years collective industry experience, able to provide a tailored solution to meet your requirements.

With a core driver being the returned balance of native habitats, the AVert Services team donate over 100 volunteer hours per annum to environmental recovery initiatives; and it is this combined passion, industry expertise and approach that has built our trusted reputation with repeat clients across Australia.

Our Team

The strength and effectiveness of the AVert Services team stems from our diversity of lived experiences, combined with a single goal of returning the land which we manage to its native state. Renowned for our early technology adoption and adaptation, our team’s knowledge base is comprised of environmental science, primary production, and project management, with a combined 60+ years of managing feral animal reduction programs.

Felice Headshot

Having served in the Australian Army Reserve in his formative years, and long-time Defence industry leader, AVert’s Owner/Operator has invested heavily in a wide range of technologies and capabilities to deliver the outcomes you need for your property. Felice has been controlling feral goats, deer, pigs and other invasive pests since the mid-1990s. As a primary producer himself, he understands the stock and infrastructure impacts of feral animals like only a farmer or rural landowner can. 

Jase Headshot
Environmental Protection Officer

An ex-Australian Defence Force member and management consultant with 30 years’ experience in designing and project managing complex systems in agricultural and industrial environments. Jason has been directly involved in a variety of feral animal management programs across Australia for the last 20 years as a Farm owner, Environmental Protection Manager and Sustainability Consultant.  

Connor Headshot1
Environmental Protection Officer

Connor has been raised working on farms most weekends, and controlling invasive pests has been a large part of that. He has controlled feral deer, pigs, and goats from a very young age, and had to repair the damage they cause. An inducted Forestry SA Shooter since he was 16 years old, Connor has worked tirelessly with his father and Forestry rangers to redress the Mt Crawford forests following the Sampson Flats bushfires. His hands on nature and passion for the environment means that he will be carry on the family-business for years to come.

Daryl Headshot
Environmental Protection Officer

Having spent 23 years in the Australian Army, has a long history of working with firearms. He spent several years as a shooting team leader as well as a small arms coach. Recently he has also been working as a firearms safety instructor for TAFE. He teaches new firearms licence applicants in theory and practise of safe handling of rifles, shotguns and handguns, firearms legislation and ballistics. Daryl has been involved in controlling feral animals since 1990 in different areas around Australia and knows first-hand the various dimensions in which the environment is affected by feral animal populations. He understands the challenges faced by landowners, especially in remote areas, with long-term relationships built on trust.

Allan Headshot
Environmental Protection Officer

An ex South African Defence force member and Asset Management consultant, Alan  actively participates as a shooter and committee member at the largest shooting club in South Australia.  Has been actively involved in the Defence Industry for over 30 years.  He is a current certified SAPOL Firearms Safety Instructor, certified SSAA coach, as well as a certified Trainer and Assessor. Alan has participated in numerous control programs and has a thorough understanding of invasive species impacts on flora and fauna environments.

Recent CSIRO research highlights that 1,257 of Australia’s threatened and endangered species are directly affected by:

invasive species
feral animals