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Feral Deer

Feral Deer are fast emerging as one of Australia’s worst national vertebrate pest problems.

Deer have a range of agricultural impacts, creating problems for many farmers such as damaging fences and competing with livestock for feed. Deer are increasingly encroaching into towns, creating road hazards and residential damage, with an estimated 1 million in Victoria alone.

Deer are increasingly impacting conservation areas and destroying flora which causes direct problems for threatened native species dependant on these fragile native habitats.

The AVert team are experienced in all characteristics of the six deer species found in Australia: fallow, red, chital, hog, rusa and sambar, which are all causing significant environmental damage.

As experienced deer hunters, the AVert team leverage years of experience to locate and humanely dispatch deer using the most efficient methods that benefit the landowner and wider community. We utilise a combination of the latest thermal imaging, drone technology and aerial shooting, along with traditional ground-based techniques. Our approach always has the long-term environmental recovery at its core, rather than simply moving a problem across a property boundary.

Target Species

Read more about how AVert Services target feral animal populations impacting on Australia's diverse and unique native ecosystem.

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