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Feral Cats

Australia-wide, feral cats have played a major role in the extinction of at least 27 mammal species and at present endanger 147 Australian mammals, birds, reptiles and frogs.

Feral cats are recognised by the Environment and Invasives Committee as an extreme threat category for Australia (the highest threat) (IPAC 2015). 

AVert Services use all available technologies and techniques to destroy these incredibly adaptable, cunning and destructive feral pests.  Recognised control methods for feral cats include exclusion fencing, baiting, trapping using cage traps, and shooting.

In metropolitan areas, trapping feral cats using cage traps allows the captured animals to be inspected for a collar and registration tag and scanned for a microchip ensuring the identification of domestic cats. Otherwise, our favoured approach is to employ thermal sights and sound moderators to conduct ground shooting.

Target Species

Read more about how AVert Services target feral animal populations impacting on Australia's diverse and unique native ecosystem.

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Feral Cats