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Feral Pigs

With an estimated population of 24 million in November 2019, and the reproductive capability to double their population every year, the feral pig problem during the ongoing COVID lockdowns has only gotten worse in many parts of Australia.


The financial impact is conservatively estimated at costing $100 million annually, and at the grass roots level, this can translate to 70% of lambs lost in a season, as well as negative impact on threatened native species as pigs destroy delicate native ecosystems.

With most states and territories having clear legislative requirements to ensure that feral pigs are controlled appropriately, we understand that the responsibility to reduce feral pig densities rests with you; the landowner/manager, whether you are a park ranger, private landholder, indigenous community, or miner, we have a solution to fit your requirements. 

With access to a variety of airframes equipped including thermal imaging, our clients often prefer an aerial shooting solution for the greatest immediate impact, however we also utilise trapping, baiting and ground shooting in urban and high density locations.

Target Species

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